Welcome to the wide world of unglish!

We all accept English as a gibberish language collectively co-constructed in real time across the globe. It's functional. It's cultural. It's an ungodly mishmash of borrowed words and sounds. It makes no sense, but it gets the job done.

Some folks like the OED attempt to maintain control and impose order, but it's a futile resistance.

unglish seeks to bring the insanity of English to its natural conclusion: infinite gibberish, self-replicating, in dynamic equilibrium. All while sounding kind of "english" when you squint your ears.


unglish ahighlight.xyz
[currently minting!]
The four initial unglish dialects: zorglish a, arbiglish a, baglish a, optiglish a
Second release of the word generation engine, beginning the transition to word construction following the Sonority Sequencing Principle
Format: Long form generation of interactive standards-compliant accessible HTML
Released: 2024-01-06
Unglish 0 • teia.art
[editions still available!]
First official release of the unglish word generation engine, using a naive approach
Format: Edition of 20, Infinite generative HTML
Released: 2023-06-11
Unglish 0-rc1 • CausalIslands.com
Sneak Preview - looped on the main stage during the conference closing party
infinite generative HTML
Exhibited: 2023-04-26


token gated definitions coming soon


What is unglish?

It's a language that sounds like english, but isn't... yet.

What's the goal?

To build many worlds of impossible to understand gibberish, that each have a graceful internal coherence. There will be heaps of poetry and prose. Conversations and disagreements. Idle thoughts and musings.

But, if we do it right, its true meaning will be impregnababble.

What versioning system do you use?

unglish is versioned using a baseIDGAF system. We start with `a`. And then we'll cycle through `e`, `i`, `o` and `u`. And then we'll loop back to `a` and add `b` (the lowest indexed english consonant) to get: `ab`.

At some point, we'll add spaces and punction. And eventually, if we iterate high enough, maybe we'll have written a novel.

Who is authorized to produce unglish words?

Only me and you.

Who's "me"?


What's the roadmap?

Great question. I'll be as brief and vague as I can. Present state is shown obliquely.

🏗️: Words → Definitions → Grammar → Writing.
👂: IPA english phonemes → other phonetic systems → all phonemes.
🗣️: SpeechSynthesisAPI → SSML? → Custom Voices?
🧮: 1 → 2 → ♾️

All told, I think the whole project witll take 50 years, give or take a century.

Presently, we're optimizing for TTFP

What projects/movements are currently inspiring this effort?
Flarf Poetry


Join us in the /unglish channel on Warpcast.