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The innaugural unglish word production ceremony, available in 4 distinct dialects.


🎶 Protip: click the word to make it sing! Then, try the spacebar and arrow keys 🎶


Big string is the canonical spelling

Little string is the IPA pronunctiation guide

If it's red, that means it's been found to be vulgar. Shame!

If it's on a solid background, that means it's one of the 10000 most common english words according to my "sources". If that's not proof that English is a random walk, I'm not sure what else is.

Each word is given its own voice using the browser's SpeechSynthesis API. Left and right arrows toggle through alternate voices.

Each word is given its own melody of 2,3,4,8,16 or 128 notes. Up and Down arrows will modulate pitch.

Click the word to hear it spoken. Hit spacebar to toggle singing mode (at 120bpm) on and off.

Where am I allowed to use these words?

Anywhere. Maybe the better question is do you want to?

Sponsor a word

You can help to fund and advance unglish in many ways, but one way is to sponsor a word. This iteration has 4 dialects, each on a different affordable, ethereum-secured L2 blockchain. None of that had to make sense to you, btw.

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